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Society of the Sisters of the Church
Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey
The STAR burned like a Flame

The STAR burned like a FLAME pointing the way to the KING of kings. We saw the SIGN and brought our gifts.

Calendar of Meetings - 2017

September 16: Associates - St. Peterís at 10:30am

October 14: Associates - St Peter's at 10:30am

November 18: Associates - St Peter's at 10:30am

December 9: Sisters and Associates - St Peter's at 9:30am, Advent Day of Reflection

Calendar of Meetings - 2018

February 24: Lenten Day Of Reflection - Sisters & Associates - St. Annís at 9:30am

March 10: Associates - St. Peterís at 10:30 am

April 14: Associates - St. Peter's at 10:30am

May 19: Sisters & Associates - Day Of Commitment - St. Annís 9:30am

June 9: Associates - St. Peterís 10:30am

June 23:Annual Assembly Sisters - St. Annís

On January 7th, The Feast of the Epiphany, the Sisters and the Associates of the Sisters of the Church celebrated

their 41st Anniversary. Bishop Frank Rodimer, Reverend Richard Bay and Reverend David Pickens, concelebrated

Eucharist with us at St. Ann's in Parsippany.




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