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Society of the Sisters of the Church
Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey
Dynamic Gospel Living

The SOCIETY OF THE SISTERS OF THE CHURCH is a new ecclesial society of ministry-centered, celibate women who are responding together in faith to make the living of the Gospel message more credible to our times.

We feel called by the Spirit through the inspiration of the Gospel to listen, discover, and respond to what God wishes to accomplish through us.

Realizing that we have been called to an ever deeper relationship with the Lord we strive to be credible signs of the Gospel message by our way of life:

We embrace a life style characterized by simplicity and detachment.

We become present to each other through prayer, support, and challenge in daily life.

We continually strive for interior renewal and the cultivation of the interior life.

We are part of a stable worshipping community and foster liturgical renewal within the community where we live and work.

We begin every monthly meeting with a reading and reflection on the Word of God.

Questions/Feedback regarding this Web Site may be forwarded to the following Email ID: srbw@ssoc.org