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Society of the Sisters of the Church
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A New Tradition

The SOCIETY OF THE SISTERS OF THE CHURCH is a contemporary society of celibate women engaged in various ministries who find strength in a new model of Christian commitment.

The Society began on March 4, 1976. After three years of planning with Bishop Lawrence Casey and Sister Eileen Kelly, P.B.V.M, Vicar of Religious, six women made a public commitment in the Cathedral of St. John in Paterson, New Jersey on January 6, 1979. Since then we have accepted additional members.

Our public commitment binds us to live the Gospel, observe our Baptismal vows, and to serve the local Church.

Each of us is personally responsible for employment, residence, living expenses, financial planning and retirement.

We make a monthly contribution to a Society fund that is used for special projects and individual emergency needs.

Our real security is trust in the providence of God and personal initiative to live a simple life.

Decisions are made through discussion and mutual agreement among members. Every three years a Society member is chosen to be the Coordinator and laison with the Bishop's office.

Our symbol is a "star burning as a flame".

Each of us dresses according to personal choice and the needs of her ministry.

We live alone or with one another and experience community through the prayer, support and concern we offer to one another.

We deepen our prayer life through personal prayer, liturgical prayer, and community prayer with people where we live and work.

We meet monthly for Society business, renewal, retreat, rejuvenation, and recreation.

As individuals, the Sisters of the Church adhere to Catholic doctrine and law.

As a unique form of religious dedication the Society is autonomous and relates to the local Bishop and his representatives in a spirit of cooperation and service.

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